Sunday, October 27, 2013

Beer Mugs For Sale

If you happen to be in search of the greatest Beer Mugs For Sale, I have got the best information to suit your needs right here. I must admit  I love cold beer.

 Last summer season I was in Germany and observed how they consumed warm beer on a park.
 Which is not really me. I really enjoy to feel the cool beer and consume it like that. Although this can be a difficult task in specific conditions for example staying out in the open in a very warm environment. But I have now just the ideal solution for your needs.

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 I just discovered some brand new insulated beer mugs known as Easy & Cool that can keep your beer cold for 15 hours. Yes it's true:  FIFTEEN hours. I tested my mug around the summer when I went the Key Largo in a morning which had been over ONE HUNDRED degrees F; and I need to confess that I ended up being quite impressed by that insulated beer mug. As my friends ended up drinking warmer beer as the People from Germany I was sipping my favorite beer totally cool at all instances.

 But that is not all.
 I could bring my mug into the ocean, submerge it all the way down along with me and the saline water could not pass through whatsoever and my beer continued to be intact. How was that plausible? Firstly, these insulated beer mugs are made of a double stainless steel structure that will deliver  insulation a feature quite helpful to  the desired temperature.

 These beer mugs at the same time are different from many other beer containers in the top.
 They have a dual injection of a component similar to silicon which increases isolation and aid you to hold a better hold. The cover also features an anti- spill system, which helps to keep the inside pressurized and reduce the probability of  unintentional liquid spillage that may possibly ruin electronic products.

 You can only sip the beer whenever you press a button which I love, as that makes these beer mugs kind of child proof .

This insulation also avoids the external wall sweat, that can ruin furnishings , documents, and so forth; at the workplace. That is  an issue that occurs often by using beer mugs, tumblers, bottles, etc; certainly not with Easy & Cool. One additional amazing characteristic for outdoors utilization is that they float even if they happen to be stuffed.

 This is certainly wonderful for the ocean, swimming pool, sport-fishing, lake and countless other outdoor activities. I cannot really be more pleased with this purchase, in fact I am acquiring one more one for my best friend who also loves camping. You can look at their web site at

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Beer, much healthier than a cup of coffee

All signs demonstrate that beer is far healthier than a glass of coffee.

This was proved by a group of Israeli experts at Tel Aviv University, in Israel.
As indicated by a variety of references compiled by Russian Media, analysts have now discovered that coffee can lower life expectancy, whereas beer might increase it. The explanation: Caffeine appears to reduce telomeres, the edges of chromosomes, which carry out an immensely important factor securing the genome in each cell, while alcohol consumption extends them. Telomeres are just like a biological odometer of the cell and shorten as the cell grows older. Whenever telomeres scale down too much, the cells die.

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Short telomeres are associated with impoverished wellness and more probability of early fatality.

At last we located some environmental aspects that modify telomere lengths and have shown precisely how they do this, announced Professor Martin Kupiec. The things we have learned can make contributions to the reduction and therapy of disorders, the professor stated.

The researchers assert that simply a cup of coffee contains sufficient caffeine to influence telomere span.

Simultaneously, the researchers determined if various general factors have an effect on the size of telomeres in fungus tissues, and discovered that the temperature and pH differences have virtually no influence .

The great news is that in the event you prefer to enjoy a cup of coffee or a tasty beer, you will be able to do it through the most advanced generation beer and travel mugs. You could learn more around them with this clip.
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