Thursday, August 8, 2013

Beer, much healthier than a cup of coffee

All signs demonstrate that beer is far healthier than a glass of coffee.

This was proved by a group of Israeli experts at Tel Aviv University, in Israel.
As indicated by a variety of references compiled by Russian Media, analysts have now discovered that coffee can lower life expectancy, whereas beer might increase it. The explanation: Caffeine appears to reduce telomeres, the edges of chromosomes, which carry out an immensely important factor securing the genome in each cell, while alcohol consumption extends them. Telomeres are just like a biological odometer of the cell and shorten as the cell grows older. Whenever telomeres scale down too much, the cells die.

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Short telomeres are associated with impoverished wellness and more probability of early fatality.

At last we located some environmental aspects that modify telomere lengths and have shown precisely how they do this, announced Professor Martin Kupiec. The things we have learned can make contributions to the reduction and therapy of disorders, the professor stated.

The researchers assert that simply a cup of coffee contains sufficient caffeine to influence telomere span.

Simultaneously, the researchers determined if various general factors have an effect on the size of telomeres in fungus tissues, and discovered that the temperature and pH differences have virtually no influence .

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